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Clinical Information System - a clinical repository of patient data. The term CIS is sometimes used interchangeably with EMR. Typically covers
  • pathology and radiology order entry and results reporting
  • medication prescribing, supply and administration
  • clinical work lists
  • problem lists
  • clinical notes
  • decision support
eGate (e*Gate) is a interface engine product from the commercial company SeeBeyond. eGate provides communication connectivity, message translation and mapping, routing of messages, store and forward of messages. Since the release of SeeBeyond's new ICAN product suite eGate has been re-badged as eGate Integrator.
Electronic Health Record or EHR is a longitudinal health record that provides clinician (and increasingly consumer) access to clinical details captured from one or more encounters. This term is sometimes used interchangeably with Electronic Health Care Record (EHCR).
Electronic Medical Record or EMR is repository of patient health data. According to some definitions a EMR is a single facility or organisation based patient record, where as a true EHR provides a broader (but potentially) thinner health care record.
HL7 or Health Level 7 is a health communications protocol for exchange of information between applications. HL7 is an ANSI accredited international standard developed by the standard development organisation HL7. HL7 version 2 is the currently most commonly implemented version of this HL7 standard. HL7 version 2.5 covers messaging of patient demographics, inpatient and emergency episode details, outpatient scheduling, referrals, pathology/radiology orders and results, prescribing/dispensing/administration and more. The next version, HL7 version 3 is being refined and is expected to gradually replace HL7 version 2 implementations
Patient Administration System - an application responsible for recording and reporting administrative details of a patients encounter in a hospital. Typically covers modules for:
  • Patient Master Index (PMI)
  • Inpatient Management
  • Outpatient Management
  • Emergency Management
  • Theatre Management
  • Surgery waiting list Management
  • Medical records tracking
  • Medical records coding
  • Inpatient billing
  • Reporting
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